Home Security Camera Placement

Home Security Camera Placement

Your home, right here in Greenville, NC, is, as the saying goes, your castle. We’re fortunate to be living in a time in America when property-related crime, like theft, is on the decline, but that doesn’t mean we can keep our doors unlocked at night. People still need to take sensible precautions when it comes to security, especially the security of someplace as private as the home. The use of security cameras, for example, is one of the best deterrents against burglars, because creates it obstacles for thieves.

When it comes to crime in Greenville, NC, thieves always take the path of least resistance, wanting to reduce their risk of identification, or leaving evidence that can be used against them in court. Security cameras, of course, create major obstacles to a “low risk” intrusion. But this is only if they are properly deployed. We’re going to list the best places for you to place your security cameras to raise the security profile of your home.

The Front Door

This is an obvious one, but it bears repeating. You will be getting a lot of foot traffic coming to your front door, and a security camera placed here will be excellent not just for security purposes, but for other instances as well. In addition to thieves looking to your rob your home, things like Amazon or other packages placed on your doorstep now have extra protection from a camera. This can even protect you from arguments and other legal disputes, as any behavior from visitors is caught on camera.

The Backyard

Your backyard is another good place to place a security camera because this is often an area that thieves will target due to the lack of visibility. Under ordinary circumstances, few people pay attention to the backyard, or who may be there, and don’t often look out into the yard, especially at night. This combined, with an understandable wish from some homeowners to decorate a backyard with hedges, bushes or other shrubberies to beautify the property can provide plenty of vantage points to hide, but a camera can catch people in the act.

Separate Basement Entrances

Another place to consider security camera placement is if you have a home with a separate basement entrance. Sometimes this is because of the way your Greenville, NC is built, but other times it can be a deliberate choice as a result of having a basement/in-law suite for additional, separate occupants. Regardless of the reason, this is a separate entrance, and therefore may be evaluated by thieves to gauge the ease of illegal entry. A camera placed here can discourage this.


When thieves know that doors are getting security coverage, they may try their luck with windows. The trick for window placement is to not have the cameras immediate viewable to passers-by outside. This may attract too much attention. If thieves see it just as they peeking through, on the other hand, this can be very effective.

Make Your Home Safer

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve at home. Contact us with your security needs, and we can help make your home safer.

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